Jump out the Face текст

Jump out the Face текст

[Bridge: Future] I just took a perc now I'm on another level Tasting on the molly got me dancing with the devil Poured a 8th of Kobe Bryant mixing purple with the yellow Got these racks on demand its hard to keep this shit together

[Hook: Future] Jump out the Rari then jump out the Wraith Then I hop in Margiela then hop in some Bape Then jump out the face, then jump out the face Money gon' stack and this money gon' fall (Meek Mill)

[Verse 1: Meek Mill] Came from the hood now we jump out of states Peep all these diamonds they jump out the face Ducking indictments and selling this white Got to watch for these niggas they'll jump on your case (Watch all these niggas, these niggas be playing) And none of this money don't come out the safe Fuck with my dawg knock a chunk out ya face Nigga I be so high I could jump out to space What the fuck did I say?

[Verse 2: Future] I be so fly, I just done shoot down my cape Went and bought me a safe and it came with...
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