T-Pain(feat.Akon and T.I) - It Ain't Me текст

T-Pain(feat.Akon and T.I) - It Ain't Me текст

[T-Pain:] Yeah, Yeah

[Intro: T.I.] Ay, it's for all my cats man Have you ever been in a club and have a chick run up on you, And kinda tell you to buy her a drink, home? I mean, it ain't what I can do, it what I will do, And attitude is everything, you know what I'm sayin' I mean, a chick who ask for nothing will get everything A chick who ask for everything will get nothing Pain, why don't you talk to these motherf**king broke bitches for a minute, would you

[Verse 1: T-Pain] You may want a man with some consideration (Consideration), Determination (Determination) I let conversation (How you Doing Baby?) And you might want a man who just say straight I'm nasty (Straight I'm nasty) From Tallahassee (It's a hate 5-0) You're far to classy (far too classy) So you might want a little who's got a job (job), car (car), clothes (clothes), jewelry (jewelry) Girl I just ain't fooling me to you (NO), to you (NO) Think I'm that easy shawty, it can't...
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