Omonium: Fast and Furious Pink Slip 1.0.3

Omonium: Fast and Furious Pink Slip 1.0.3

Designed as a pure arcade-style racer instead of a more narrative-driven game like the previous entry in the series, Fugitive, Pink Slip is exactly what the title promises: A series of breakneck races where your wheels are always on the line. The racing is spread across several different events, from drag racing to drift runs, but with one singular goal — fill your personal garage with some of the flashiest rides straight from the films, including a special appearance by Dom’s muscle car from the original Fast and the Furious.

Features listed from the iPhone version description include:

* Pure arcade experience * 32 cars to win * 32 challenging races * 4 very exciting gameplay modes * Includes stunning cinematic cut-scenes

Download : Rapidshare

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