Pleasure P - Boyfriend No. 2 текст

Pleasure P - Boyfriend No. 2 текст

[Intro] Ha ha ha Call me when yo nigga aint around Ha ha ha Or I might be the dude on the side You dig! Ha ha ha ha

[Verse 1] Turn around Let me lick you from yo neck down to yo navel Cause shawty you look ready Forget the bed I wanna lay your body right here on the table So just hold it steady

[Bridge] I'll go get the camera We can make a movie I'm gown put my hands up Lay back while you do me Drop right out the shower Into the jacuzee Giving you what your body wants

[Chorus] I'm boyfriend number 2 Cause the first one he don't really Seem like he know what to do I'm boyfriend number 2 And I know you like it freaky So am gonna give it to you I'm boyfriend number 2 Baby don't fuss Don't fight Don't argue Cause 2nd place has always got a whole lot to prove So whenever you get in the mood (just call me) I'm boyfriend number 2

[Verse 2] Grab my hand Ima pick you up and put you on the counter Girl...
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