6 Mistakes in Marriage That Could Lead to a Divorce

6 Mistakes in Marriage That Could Lead to a Divorce

Mistakes in Marriage That Could Lead to a Divorce. Which are the most common mistakes in marriage that could ruin it and how to avoid themThese are the six most common reasons a happy marriage could end with a divorce according to psychologists.

1. Talking to almost everybody about the problems in the marriage. Studies show that that can confuse you even more and you might not be able to sense what you yourself want to do. When you want to share with someone, let that be a close friend of yours or a relationship consultant.

2. Repeating the same over and over again while talking with your spouse.If you have already discussed a certain matter and it did not resolve in the wanted change, repeating the same conversation over and over again will hardly lead to a different result. Quite the contrary – it could lead to creating some extra tension. Look for a better way to resolve the problem, try out new things and learn more about how to communicate with men. It differs...
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