Self-Acceptance - A Mandatory Step Towards Self-Transformation

Self-Acceptance - A Mandatory Step Towards Self-Transformation

Transformation is a complex process. Often we try hard to change ourselves, but our efforts remain futile. It all depends on the ground where we stand. We cannot transform an illusion, a false idea of the Self.

In order to transform, we need to take a deep look at ourselves. A deep look at our soul. Are we happy and content with our personality? Are we doing the right thing in most situations? Are there traits we want to change? Can we do some things better? Do we judge too much? Do we complain too much? Do we see the fault only in others and never in ourselves?

The list of questions is endless.

What we need to do is take a mirror and look at ourselves. Look with honest eyes. Look deep in our soul. This is only between us, the image we think we have and the real Self. We need to throw away all false ideas, all delusions. We must be absolutely honest. We must objectively look and see ourselves as we are, with all the good and bad. Look, see and accept...
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