How to Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

How to Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight. How to Stop Smoking – Helpful Tips

How to stop smoking and lead a healthy life? You constantly justify yourself that you will put on some weight if you quit this bad habit. Advice that we present are of a publication by a team of French specialists.

Why people are getting fat when they leave smoking in the past?

Nicotine killed the appetite we had and we had not experienced hunger. Smoking itself also burns calories – 30 cigarettes a day burn as many calories as one hour of walking. Moreover giving up smoking makes us nervous and we constantly eat snacks in supposedly small amounts that makes us gain fat quickly. You need to have a strong will and you will succeed.


How to stop smoking and stay in good shape?

First you need to find substitutes for cigarettes which you obtain nicotine. You could use nicotine gum, patches or tablets. They will help at first, to forget about that habit. After making the first step...
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