Bulgarian Plates

Bulgarian Plates

Car registration in Bulgaria

Car registration in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Licence Plates

Καταχώρηση Αυτοκινήτου στην Βουλγαρία

Autoregistratie in Bulgarije

Bulgarian Plates is a brand of Markony Auto Services Ltd., a company part of the Markony companies group. Markony Auto Services Ltd. is mainly focused on assisting foreign and EU nationals with motor vehicle registrations in Bulgaria, Bulgarian licence plates, Bulgarian company formations and Bulgarian driving licenses.

The lawyers at Markony Auto Services Ltd. will be glad to assist you to register your car in Bulgaria and to obtain Bulgarian licence plates for your motor vehicle. The two most common reasons to register a car in Bulgaria is the less expensive motor vehicle tax than in any other EU country, and the lowest cost of motor vehicle insurance. Our lawyers may also assist you with all formalities to buy a car in Bulgaria.

Our lawyers will assist with the whole process of importing your...
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