The benefits of citrus fruits

The benefits of citrus fruits

Lemons are most useful for healing purposes and as a dietary supplement when they are slightly ripening and not overripe. It’s wrong to shop yellow lemons because the most valuable are the greenish immature fruits.

With the oranges, tangerines and grapefruits the things are different – these fruits must be well colored (mature). But if these fruits are not going to be used as a dessert and as a remedy in the process of continuous treatment, they are also very valuable in a state of incomplete maturity, because then is the harmonious combination of fruit sugars, acids, vitamins and flavonoids.

The ingredients of powerful essential oil of various citrus fruits are not only active bactericidal properties – they are useful to it in certain skin diseases but also allergens in some people. With bactericidal and active role phytoncide are the colors young growing shoots and leaves.

Essential oils that are easily separated with a water distillation are a constant...
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