Permanent Residence in Bulgaria

Permanent Residence in Bulgaria

Permanent Residence in Bulgaria Permanent residence by investment in Real Estate

The Bulgarian government is reducing the threshold of investment that a foreigner has to make in real estate in order to obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria. The currently required investment is 600,000 Bulgarian levs or approximately 312,000 €. The required investment will be reduced six times to only 100,000 Bulgarian levs or approximately 52,000 €. In other words, a foreign national can obtain Bulgarian permanent residency by simply purchasing a two or three-bedroom apartment in Plovdiv or Sofia. The proposed changes in the Foreigners of the Republic of Bulgaria Act were adopted on first reading and it is expected to become the new law after the second reading till August 2016.

The current law requires a foreign national to invest the amount of 312, 000 € in real estate properties in Bulgaria. The permanent residency is issued within 3-6 months only. After the investment is completed,...
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