Forgiveness – is it a virtue?

Forgiveness – is it a virtue?

Almost everyone happened to fall into a situation where he has been hurt – by a loved one, our best friend or relative just disappointed us. How could we give forgiveness for such a thing?

Let’s start with the main thing – forgiveness is not you showing a weakness. On the contrary, the ability to give forgiveness is a sign of strong character.

Disappointment awakens in us stubbornness – you never want to see the person who has hurt you and try your best to avoid any contact with him. But that does not bring relief. Despite the lack of contact, we do not cease to think about the act of betrayal and experience real guilt and hatred.

Negative emotions literally poisoning us, make us to seek protection from the same thing by isolating ourselves from others, closing in ourselves and we become irritable and bitter people. All this prevents us from continuing on our way, despite the disappointment.

Forgiveness is  our purification. To forgive is not to forget and...
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