Perceptions of colors

Perceptions of colors

We usually perceive if a colors is appropriate for something by our feelings, but we don’t know why. If we can tell apart the details of the environment only using our eyes, that is due to the many different forms and colors of the objects.

Color is everywhere. There aren’t colorless objects. With colors and forms we receive full impression of the environment. This impression we can change after we use other colors, because they have the property to change the idea of space. For example with the yellow color the surface looks like it is lifted, while with the dark blue and the violet like it is pressed downwards, with the red color the surface looks like it is pointing out at us. These properties of the colors give us the opportunity to change the individual elements of the rooms when they have unfavorable influence.

Colors provoke ideas in our minds which could be linked to well known for us perceptions. For example we associate the yellow and the orange color with...
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