The role of bees in the colony

The role of bees in the colony

Under normal conditions in one colony there is a mother bee , a dozen thousand worker bees and during the spring and summer months relatively smaller number of male individuals (drones)-from a few hundred up to a few thousand.

These three kinds of bees do strictly defined job in the nest as well as out of it. Gradually in the honeycomb the mother bee and the workers have settled. In the process of evolution the contemporary bee family has formed with its own variety in shapes and relationship complicity amongst these creatures. This and the narrow specialization of the individual has led to the more perfect execution of the different jobs of the bee family and to the increase of its significance as biological unit.

On the other side, it became a reason for the loss of the ability of the independent life of bees. With the appearance of sexsual reproduction with the flowering plants and with the improvement and specialization of the bee’s work the relationships between...
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