How to protect our eyes and our back in front of the computer?

How to protect our eyes and our back in front of the computer?

A very big part of our time every day we spend in front of the computer – for work, for play, for communication…

While we stare in the computer, we can’t feel how our eyes are  overstraining and watering. In order to not have these kind of sensations it is good to follow some important rules, if we want to protect or sight and not get tired.

The monitor must be away from the windows, it mustn’t be shined by the direct daily sunlight. When we use lighting, the light coming from above must be minced. Also, you can put filters on the monitor that will decrease the shine of the screen.Documents, on which we work, have to be on a normal distance so we don’t have to change our focus every time we move our look from the screen to the materials and vice versa. That’s why it is good to have a documents stand.The screen, if possible, must be put in a way that the visual angle is at least 10-15 degrees below the horizontal.It is good if you regularly clean the dust from the...
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