For strong spirit and body

For strong spirit and body

In order to keep your body healthy, don’t miss washing your teeth twice a day. Mostly, in the mornings and in the evenings – this is obligatory, not only for the beauty of the enamel, but as a preventive measure against caries. It turns out, good teeth hygiene is directly linked to… heart diseases. According to Italian scientists, the bacteria left in the mouth goes in the blood and that’s how it leads to damage of the cardiovascular system.

Keep yourself away from the direct sunrays!

During the cold days it is good if the cosmetics you use have some sunscreen factor.  This way you will be sure that you protect your skin from premature ageing, came into being due to the dangerous sunrays.

Smile more!

Always do this when you are feeling sadness, discomfort or when someone made you mad. The smile, even if it isn’t spontaneous, protects you from stress and depressive moods. If you are feeling too oppressed, sit comfortably, loosen your back  and your shoulders , take a...
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