richard beese

richard beese

Leadership is something all the teams need for success so Volleyball is also not an exception. It is also a game of spirit and team, but it is not always something easily defined or developed. We can’t say do this and do that, you will be a great leader for your volleyball team. It requires the efforts and support of everyone on the team in order to be successful. Most of the volleyball drills are designed for the team to work together on, as we all know the Proverb “Practice makes a man a perfect”. So  much like any other sport, there the more an individual practice the more they will bring the team together, mostly  as  a team you won’t leave together all the time, so this practice session  helps you to come closer to each other, let you know the strength and weakness of an individual.

One of the skills taught are volleyball drill accuracy. The Player will pick a spot on the wall and aim to hit it. They want to work on the perfect form and want to get the most out of...
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