All You Need To Know About Cycling Sport | Richard Beese

All You Need To Know About Cycling Sport | Richard Beese

Richard Beese believes in healthy life style. He loves to motivate people to better health and a sport is a way to have good health and better life. He described various sports that are beneficial for physical and mental health. In this article Richard Beese describes “Cycling” sport. Cycling is also known as biking or bicycling. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century. It requires physical strength and consider as a great exercise.  So, Cycle sport is a physical activity that is performed using bicycles. Cycling sport and International competitive cycling events are governed by the Union Cyclist International (UCI).  The Union Cyclist International was founded on April 1900 by Belgium. Cycling is basically related with bicycles but apart from that it includes the riding of –

Unicycles Tricycles Quadracycles

Richard Beese describes that “Bicycle Racing” game is a part of Summer Olympic Games also. With a passage of time, Cycling is now popular game all over the...
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