Why do men lose weight more than women?

Why do men lose weight more than women?

Our favorite halves often say: “Men eat as llamas and nothing sticks to them, whereas we “…

Ladies, do not suffer in vain, all this has physiological explanations and men are just men …

Men have a sufficiently strong muscles – in the muscles fat burn much faster, especially in those of the upper half of the body. The reason is the huge amount of mitochondria in muscle cells. A mitochondria are a real oven fat! That is why metabolism in men is 10% faster than women.

Solution for the ladies: do not overlook the power loads, since only in this type of exercise form muscles. Of course, you don’t have to lift rods, but it’s good to do exercises with weights.

Estrogen is the guilty one – This hormone prevents women lose weight for two reasons. First, slowing down fat burning, after eating. Second, thanks to the estrogen women in general have a greater amount of fat in the body – an average of 11%. It is this hormone prepares the female figure for a successful  child...
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