Communication in the intimate life

Communication in the intimate life

Always put family and intimate life on the front line!

If you do not show enough care for the relationship you will get away as two strangers in the night, warn family therapists. But what to do if your loved one has no desire for sex, you must surely share the problem with your partner. Many women would not admit that they miss or they lack sex, nor what they like. No communication means no chance for a change in the intimate life of the man beside you. And when he wants, and you’ve lost the desire, again you should talk to your partner openly.

However, be careful not to offend – share with “I …” rather than “you …” so you will not  sound judgmental. Another trick is to take on a role – try to feel and think differently, as someone very sexy, you may experience desire again .

Experts offer another technique – to lie down snug and cuddle gently fall asleep in his arms. The bodily touch can wake you in a sexy mood.

Are love affairs all about sex ?

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