FC Barcelona – A Rich Football Club With Good Intentions

FC Barcelona – A Rich Football Club With Good Intentions

Richard Beese is a great fan of FC Barcelona is a professional football club that is based in Barcelona, Spain. This is known as the second most valuable and amazing sports team in the world. It was ranked as the world’s fourth richest football club in the terms of revenue. Barcelona is the most supported football team in the world. Its social media following is largest as compare to other sports teams. Unlike many other football clubs, the supporters own and operate Barcelona.  It is organized as a registered association.

Richard Beese described that FC Barcelona are also known as one of the most successful European football teams. For the five times they have won the prestigious Champions League.  It has great achievements. The official Barcelona anthem is “EI Cant del Barça”.

History of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona club was founded in the year of 1899. In starting it has become the symbol of Catalan culture as it was founded by a group of Catalan...
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