Hip Hop Web – Impact of Internet over Hip Hop - birthofhiphop

Hip Hop Web – Impact of Internet over Hip Hop - birthofhiphop

Internet has great effect over Hip Hop Culture. The social media and new technology has just changed the whole picture of Hip Hop. Now, Hip hop artists can upload their music and video to be shared with large audience. We are able to access any kind of information from all over the world. Internet has made everything very easy. A number of Hip Hop music websites are available now days. Hip Hop clothing websites are perfect place for such shopping. Beginners can even learn the various Hip Hop dance forms with the help of internet. Hip Hop web provides a great platform for Hip Hop artists.

Hip Hop Web usage by Hip-hop artists

In the beginning of 21st century, it has gotten little support from general public. With the passage of time more and more people getting attracted toward it. Over the year it got massive success. Before Hip Hop web, artists had to be dependent on record labels to upload music. So, artists had to pay more money to record labels than they actually...
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