Fashion has been always a major part of Hip Hop Culture. Bling-bling is a very popular term of Hip Hop Culture, basically a slang used in Hip Hop. It refers to sparkling and shining jewelry or accessories like chains, cell phones or tooth caps. It can include various types of jewelry or accessories. “Bling” word is used to describe something shiny. This term was firstly used in Hip Hop rap by Dana Dane in “Nightmares “in the year of 1987. “ Hip Hop Bling “term got popularity in the year of 1999. First of all, Hip Hop Bling term, goy popularized in the Hip Hop community after that it spreads beyond Hip Hop culture.

Origins and History of Hip Hop Bling

This term was used to describe the gorgeous gaudy piece of jewelry. Bling Bling is actually a case of reduplication. Bling word basically refers to big, showy or expensive jewelry.

Jesse West was the first rapper to use the complete term Bling Bling. In 1993, He has used this term in his remix song “Dolly My...
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