SIN CARS new road car debut in Geneva Motorshow 2016

SIN CARS new road car debut in Geneva Motorshow 2016

After the successful Racing debut of the FIA homologated – SIN R1 GT4 racing cars and the many top positions won in 2015, all fingers are crossed again for season 2016, but not only in Europe. The success story has been told on and crossed the atlantic. Our racing cars are now participating in the Pirelli World Challenge Championship in the USA as well and achieved a pole position In training at the very first event.

Following our motto “From racing to the road”, we are now proud to present our new and latest development, the Sin R1 road car at the Geneva International Motorshow.

The original thoughts around a road car have lead to substantial tests and a completely new developed car. It was done with a new ambition to deliver a product comparable to the big sportscar names but with a higher degree ot authenticity and true relationship to the racing cars.

The result is a vehicle with a degree of similarity to the previous prototypes but having gone back to...
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