Fluffy and furry during the winter

Fluffy and furry during the winter

Winter attacked us with full power…

You may ask: Winter came- how furry to be your coat? – The options are different and you can choose – with long or shorter hair, longer or shorter model. It is not necessary the whole coat to be furry and to resembles the familiar character from “Star Wars” Chewbacca in order to be modern. Although this season exactly this very shaggy effect is very current.

If you are not a fan of the overall vision of this style, you can safely bet on a charming cuddly addition – a collar, jacket, bag or other detail. This solution is suitable when you think that too fluffy coat will not improve, but instead spoil your look. There is always a way to add a fluffy effect to your winter look, if you choose it well.

LONG SHAGGY COAT – It stands beautifully on a more elongated figures – it not only adds a nice change to your style, but also warm good the body and gives the opportunity to match it with shorter skirt or thinner trousers.

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