Chic in the cold weather

Chic in the cold weather

The cold weather doesn’t have to mean only thick and shapeless fluffies…

We can be stylish in the cold weather with a beautiful coat and the right accessories for it.

It is not needed to spend a lot of money to be fashion. Look at the trends for the autumn-winter season and then make your choice. It is important the coat to be not only modern but to look good on you.

This season many of the coats are like they were taken out of the golden age of Hollywood cinema – with a lot of fluff, luxury and style. The coats are more beautiful than they are functional. Designers replace practicality and simple forms with luxury and extravagance. So if you decide to follow their commands, you will feel like a real princess – leather, gems and glitter.

Most of the coats á la Hollywood are with trapezoid shapes, some of them are with length above the knee. They are suitable for an office and for a party. However, if you want more chic and movie like look, choose a long almost...
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