The best diet for quick weight loss

The best diet for quick weight loss

Over the years you have accumulated excess weight and think about what is the best diet for quick weight loss to enter back into shape. This article will save you time and help you avoid short-term diets with dubious results leading to health problems. You probably dipped to 1.5 kg of your body weight per week with a healthy diet and movement exercises.

How to reduce our weight quickly

The logic is that cool burn more calories than you are taking through the food will begin to lose by its weight. According to many nutritionists if burns 500 calories more than you take daily for one week, you will lose some kilograms of weight. Of course if you want to lose weight quickly you have to take less food and increase physical exercise. For example if you take in 1200 calories a day and you exercise an hour a day, you can lose up to 2.5 kg of their weight during the first week or more if you weigh over 100 kg. It is important not to reduce extra calories because it...
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