How to quit smoking and stop smoking

How to quit smoking and stop smoking

Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body. It causes many diseases and reduces quality of life and life expectancy. Stopping smoking even when one is young is of great benefit to his health, but smoking cessation is beneficial at any age. Many smokers believe that smoking calms and helps relieve stress, but actually ex-smokers are more likely to have better mental health and are happier. Once you have decided to stop smoking, there are many different ways to help you give up this vice. Some people believe that the gradual reduction of smoking over time will help them quit smoking. But if you make such a program you have to stick to it and since you are addicted will be quite difficult. Those of you who smoke for many years and have made unsuccessful attempts to quit may need extra help in the fight against smoking. If you decide to stop smoking these are some practical, quick and easy steps can help along the way.

 1  Talk to your doctor

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