Private Labels Vodka

Private Labels Vodka

Private Labels Vodka Limited is a Bulgarian company specialised in producing high quality private label vodka and white spirits. Our latest private label vodka was featured on the Cannes Film Festival – the first natural caviar vodka. The recipe was entirely created by our talented & experienced team of technologists and finest caviar provided by the Client. Combining our expertise in making finest quality vodka and the Client’s vision we produced high quality vodka product and unique vodka brand.

Our technologists may develop any vodka recipe and make vodka of any flavour. Your private label vodka may have mango flavour or a spicy & chili touch. Our extensive experience of making flavoured vodka includes the flavours of orange, lemon,  raspberry, strawberry, apple, cherry, green walnuts, mint, vanilla and Bulgarian rose. Our portfolio includes also the unique Pop My Cherry – a delicious Cherry Vodka served in a chocolate shot available in all the best bars in...
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