Why I don’t lose weight? – 5 real reasons

Why I don’t lose weight? – 5 real reasons

All the time you are on a diet, you sweat in the gym, but your weight is the same? Why this doesn’t work, are there any reasons?

There are many reasons why unnecessary kilograms, despite every effort on your part, remain in the same place and do not want to leave you.

You consume more calories than you can burn

If you overeat, even sport will not save you from gaining weight. Even regular exercise does not give you the right to eat everything in the refrigerator. The basic law of weight loss is “burn more calories than you consume.” This does not mean that it is imperative to starve and do grueling exercises. You just need balance in nutrition and movement, according to your lifestyle.

Building muscle mass

If you exercise, you build muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. Your weight does not change, but look in the mirror and gradually you will notice that you are skinnier and have a shaped body. This is very important for the kilograms.

You don’t do as much...
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