What we should know about positive eating?

What we should know about positive eating?

If you’re not a fan of diets, the positive eating system is for you. The rules are easy: don’t starve, don’t eat too much, eat real food instead of food supplements and vitamins, cook and enjoy the meals.

At the beginning of this eating system is British nutritionists John Yudkin. In 1950, he warned that the urban men from the western world don’t have normal eating, because there was excess sugar and white flour in their menu. This diet causes irreparable damage to the cardiovascular system, resulting in obesity and diabetes, and reduced life expectancy.

At the beginning of the XXI century, food expert Michael Polanyi notes that there is a real catastrophe – the menu of modern man actually lacks of natural products that have not undergone processing technology. People live by industrial, chemical processed meats, bread, sugar and their substitutes.

Residents of big cities have forgotten the skills of their ancestors- to instinctively distinguish the healthy from the...
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