Great Domains

Great Domains

How can I profit from my site?

If a person has computer and leisure time, while looking for what to do, he decides to create a site. He sees that others earn from their sites and decides to try.

Before he gets involved, he has to learn all the possibilities and choose the one that would earn him the most, because everyone has a different way to success.


Here are some ways to make a website profitable:


Advertising from an ad network. When a site has a high attendance, an ad network is selected and ads are placed on the site. Visitors click on the ads and make earnings according to the value of the clicks. Ads may also be impressions;


Advertiser posting. If the site is well-rated and high-performing, you may be searching for advertisers, or they may be seeking you to advertise their goods and services;


Sell thematic links. Everyone is looking for good quality themed links on the site that point to it; ...
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