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Outdoor Equipment

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Revolutionize the way you camp! This 3-4 Person, 4-Season Azuki pop up tent is incredibly easy to set up thanks to its pre-attached hub. Anybody can set this large tent up in one minute. The waterproof & UV resistant inner tent and rainfly tent offers excellent weather protection against rain and UV rays. And the Large arched double doors are easy for in-and-out. Multiple mesh windows offer good ventilation and view, and also keep nasty bugs out. Spacious enough to sleep up to 3-4 people, this pop up tent is ideal for a wonderful camping trip or a long excursion with your family. When the fun is over, this family tent can be easily folded down and fits in a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Feature: 4 mesh panels protect the tent from the insects while keeping the tent breathable

Inner silver coating cloth stop most UV, no absorbed heat in tent, keep you cooler with sun off. Floor fabric with 210D oxford PU...
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