Different typefaces on the road

Different typefaces on the road


Road signs in Italy use a variation of the Transport typeface called Alfabeto normale, or the condensed form of it, called ‘Alfabeto stretto’ (the latter is the one on the top and the bottom signs in the photo).


Albania use the ‘Alfabeto normale’ typeface (with the narrow variant ‘Alfabeto stretto’), a heavier version of the British ‘Transport’ typeface. Albania has recently started using ‘Arial Narrow Bold’ typeface.

Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine

Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine use typefaces based on one specified in a Soviet standard ГОСТ 10807–78. In Belarus, the according standard is СТБ 1140–99. In Ukraine, it is ДСТУ 4100–2002. In Russia, it is ГОСТ Р 52290–2004.

Further readings

Alexander Sapozhnikov: Russian Road Sign Font


Bulgaria uses the SNV typeface.


Belgium uses the SNV typeface.

Cyprus, Greece

A Scottish sign using the Transport...
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