Thought Experiments Gone Wrong

Thought Experiments Gone Wrong

Pavel recently posted something about being a service teacher. If you are a service teacher (and we all take turns during the week being service teachers, myself included) it is your duty to patrol the halls while the mini people run amok. Of course, we are trying our best to prevent too much (or potentially dangerous) amokness.

I wanted to post a picture that Pavel put on his blog that I think encapsulates the sense of authority and respect the service teacher commands.

Though the badge (circled in red and pictured below) certainly does lend a sense of gravity to the individual with the privilege to bear it, I would like to say I think the majority of the authority comes directly from the suspenders.

Note: The text on the badge reads "Service Teacher".

Today is Friday. Today is my day to carry the torch of order into the halls of Christo Smirnenski.

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