Top 6 First Time Passes Of The Month

Top 6 First Time Passes Of The Month

Top 6 First Time Passes Of The Month

Passed my test first time with aDriving School Wellingborough. Really good instructors, very constructive and knowledgeable! Explains everything precisely and clearly. Very positive when you are struggling with something, I would definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for best school and instructor out there. Kloe Hiskey

In just few driving lessons, my instructor helped me to sharpen up my driving skills and I got ride of bad driving habits. He booked my test in his dairy on a very short notice and really helped me to pass the driving test first time. Jarda Minarik

Precise and pupil centred driving instructions. I was not confident enough but my instructor was brilliant and helped me to improve my driving skills and knowledge. Passed my test on the 1st attempt. I’m so happy. Priyanka Patel

Knows all the test routes and rules. I passed today in Kettering, just missed clean sheet, had only 1 minor and feel...
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