Why Choose Polytron

Why Choose Polytron

In passenger cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, boats, yahts and heavy-duty marine vessels POLYTRON lubricants:

● Eliminate up to 95% of engine wear.

● Reduce engine operating temperature and noice level.

● Eliminate any buid-up and keep engine completely clean.

● In the event of oil or coolant loss, engine is protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions.

● Restore compression (the compression may go up even in new cars).

● Contribute to much cleaner emission gases.

● Their performance does not deteriorate in severe operating conditions of dust, dirt and moisture.

● Extend oil change intervals and oil filters life 4 to 7 times.

● Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy.

● Up to 65% reduction in maintenance cost.

In Industrial and Commercial Applications POLYTRON lubricants:

● Eliminate up to 99% of equipment wear.

● Reduce equipment operating temperature and...
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