How Does Polytron Work

How Does Polytron Work

When observing mating friction surfaces under high magnification one can see that they are actually full of “mountains” and “valleys” .

These “mountains” penetrate the oil-film that separates mating friction surfaces, and collide with each other. These collisions on the micro level, translate into “friction” between the mating friction surfaces on the macro-level. Some of these collisions result in metal particles breaking away from colliding “mountains”. Breaking away metal particles on the micro-level translate into a “wear” process on the macro-level.

Conventional lubricants are based on maintaining high strength and thickness of oil-film in order to separate the friction surfaces from touching each other In higher pressure, generated by heavy working loads, conventional lubricants introduce an EP (Extreme Pressure) protective deposit between moving mating surfaces in order to replace the oil layer squeezed out by pressure. In this way, they try to resist...
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