Should motorists drive during COVID-19 crises? These difficult days situation is getting worse day by day. Coronavirus is keep spreading and taking lives all around the world. 

In this hard time, people needs to help themselves rather than relying on government. People needs to stay home and save their others lives. 

Motorists should not really drive as governments all around the world urges motorists and all road users not to do any unnecessary journeys. This will really help to prevent the slow spreading of virus. 

Think Twice Before Driving

Motorists must think twice before making any travelling plans. Take your car out only if you really need to. For example if someone needs to help some vulnerable person, get medicines or needs to get food. 

If you are driving to somewhere, take all necessary precautions like put face mask and disposable gloves on. Keep in mind at least 2 metre distance rule when doing any food shopping, buying medicines or driving...
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