Appliance Repair Service & Parts in Toronto & GTA

Appliance Repair Service & Parts in Toronto & GTA

You do not need to panic if your appliances stop working. We at ARS Appliance Repair Service are just a call away. Our expert technicians are available all over GTA to ensure you get a solution to your broken appliances as soon as possible. We are highly skilled, licensed and insured, providing you with the best quality repairs and service. Courteous, prompt and professional to ensure we do not disrupt your busy day. And will not leave a mess behind after we are done repairing your appliances. We will also let you know if your appliance is worth repairing or if it’s time to replace it.

We have all the necessary parts to fix any brand quickly and efficiently. Free estimate for repairs over the phone to get your appliance working effectively. At ARS we provide you with the same day service. There are no hidden fees. Contact us today for the best 100% customer satisfaction appliance repair service in GTA!

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