How secure is Voice Recognition technology?

How secure is Voice Recognition technology?

Voice Recognition vs. Fingerprint 

Many organizations have been researching voice recognition and fingerprints. For example, banks in the UK, U.S, Canada, France, Germany, and Ireland are making efforts to test both technologies. The HSBC, which is an investment banking company in the UK, uses voice recognition technology in its banking system. 

According to the banking company, many employees have appreciated the incorporation of voice recognition technology. However, they have also asked questions about its security. For example, HSBC surveyed the security of technology. 

The participants of the study were HSBC employees and the general public. Over 76% said that voice recognition technology is more secure than fingerprints. Around 18% of participants voted for the effectiveness of fingerprint, while the remaining 6% did not answer the questions. 

Anyway, many people are talking about the issue of high-quality voice recording and questioning whether or not it...
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