Audi TT by PPI – The Second Generation

Audi TT by PPI – The Second Generation

The PPI PS TT Coupe – the second generation

The history of PPI Automotive Design is inextricably linked with the Audi TT. The PPI RS TT was the name given to the first generation of Audi TTs tuned by PPI, which became the top seller and foundation for the success of this Audi tuning specialist from Swabia, Germany. With the PPI PS TT, PPI is now following up on this success story, and is presenting the second generation. Equipped with an innovative and sporty design, you might be tempted to think that interior values would only play an inferior role. If so, you would be wrong – the PPI PS TT offers advanced, masterful technology and driving pleasure which will satisfy even the most discerning requirements.

Advanced technology for supreme power increase

At the heart of PPI’s comprehensive tuning suite is the performance kit I for the 2.0 l Turbo FSI engine of the Audi TT. 180 kW / 245 bhp at 5.100 r.p.m. and 366 Nm torque between 1.800 and 5.000 r.p.m. are...
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