33+ Cool and Creative Ambient Ads

33+ Cool and Creative Ambient Ads

We are used to think that advertising is something that gives us some time to go to the bathroom while watching  a TV show or a movie.

But should all advertising be so?

Not at all! I bet advertising could be so cool and creative that you would better pee your pants than miss it.

For panda, the best advertising type is Ambient.


Because it is integrated into our natural surroundings, and catch our attention in places where we least expect to.

Sorry for the first one, but hey, I bet you are so bored, that only the ass toilet paper dispenser can wake you up. [Read more...]

Bored Panda is proud to present this wonderful list of 33 cool and creative ambient ads. Enjoy!

Tyskie – Beer Mugs Stickers

Art Director: Michał Kamiński

Police- Slower is Better

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA

Tramontina Precision Knives – Ultrathin slices

Advertising Agency: Leiaute Propaganda, Salvador,...
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