Banana And Fruit Astrology

Banana And Fruit Astrology

Banana And Fruit Astrology

Banana lovers can know a lot more about themselves through a popular form of astrology called fruit astrology. Here the personality traits of various kinds of fruit eaters are brought to light through one's likes and dislikes in fruits. This helps one understand more about one's inner and outer self.

If you love bananas then read on to know the character traits of people like you. But before that here is something about this widely eaten fruit, the banana.

More About Bananas

Bananas are commonly eaten even by the poor class mainly because of the low cost of the fruit. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. The various colors of bananas include yellow, purple and red. People generally eat ripe bananas though many people also use bananas to cook dishes.

The taste of bananas ranges from being sweet to starchy and its texture is firm or mushy. Banana sap is used as a practical adhesive because of its extremely sticky...
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