Dubai the Hottest Holiday Destination

Dubai the Hottest Holiday Destination

Article Submission - Submit Your Article Here Free Article Center Home > Asia Dubai the Hottest Holiday Destination Dubai has re-invented itself to become a prime tourist location and central business hub for in the Middle East and Asian subcontinent. With its strong economic growth and tax free status, luxury lifestyle options and fantastic climate, Dubai has attracted businesses and tourists in their droves and Dubai is thriving as a result.

Dubai's innovative coastline expansion with projects such as three Palm Islands, (Jumeirah Palm, Jebel Ali Palm and Deira Palm), and The World, together with its growth into the Desert with amazing plans for many more tourist resorts, world class healthcare and medical facility in Healthcare City, world class sports facilities in Sport City, along with many other tourist facilities, has really put Dubai on the map as a fantastic place to work or visit. Dubai offers a Middle East culture with...
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