Puppies and worms

Puppies and worms

Article Submission - Submit Your Article Here Free Article Center Home > Animals and Pets Puppies and worms If you have a puppy you may need to deal with an annoying, but very normal, problem - worms.

These nasty little parasites set up residence inside your precious puppy, usually in the digestive system but sometimes (and more dangerously) they can invade other organs such as the heart. Having worms can cause all kinds of problems for a puppy, ranging from vomiting to more serious illnesses such as anemia or possibly even death.

Although they can be worrying, treating puppy worms is fairly straightforward and generally very effetive.

There are 5 main types of worms that are usually seen, these are


Roundworms are the most common kind of puppy worms and many puppies are born with them as an infected mother dog can pass them onto her puppies' in-utero. They can sometimes be seen in your puppy's...
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