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Pro Garden Biz » Blog Archive » The Back Care Workshop

Many of us have occasional back pain. Our lifestyles are often largely to blame. We seldom use good body mechanics and maintain proper posture. The following are basic guidelines for good posture, body mechanics, flexibility and safe exercise to help prevent back problems.

POSTURE— If we consider how many hours a day we spend in our “normal” postures, it is not hard to imagine how many problems develop if our posture is improper.


It is important to develop and maintain good posture in sitting, standing, and walking. When standing, gravity is causing a downward force through the body. If a person stands straight, with shoulders back, chin tucked in, and buttock tucked, the force of gravity will be equally distributed through the spine. If one stands with rounded shoulders and a forward head all force is applied to the neck region (lower cervical spine).

Components of Good Posture—

A. Standing. 1) Stand straight with shoulders back, chin...
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