Oscar Winner Logorama – Full version

Oscar Winner Logorama – Full version

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Just found a full version of Oscar Winner “Logorama” movie for Best animated short film. Produced by French company H5, directors: Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy  and Ludovic Houplain. A satirical look at how pervasive corporate imagery has become in today’s society.

Some 2,500 brand IDs appear, and mascots like the Pringles, AOL and M&M’s guys, Ronald McDonald, the Michelin Man and countless others make an appearance. The concept is played for laughs (there are car chases and a hostage crisis, among other things), but it’s no huge leap to envision such a world. We already walk around covered head to toe in designer logos, and phrases like “Turn left at the Citgo sign” and “It’s two blocks down from Petco Park” increasingly help us find our way. It’s just a matter of time before life-size animated avatars stroll down Main Street, humming jingles and...
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