A Virtual Chemistry Lab

A Virtual Chemistry Lab


A virtual chemistry laboratory, which has a lot of extra features. The program has a myriad of functions and is indeed a useful tool for teachers as well as for students and for those who are interested in Chemistry. The program is very intuitive – there is a virtual worktable and two panels - for lab instruments and for substances respectively. To perform a reaction the user just has to put the necessary containers on the worktable and put the needed substances in them. The program has a database of reactions and it can visualize those, which are studied in the seventh grade. For example, if you fill a lab glass with water and put sodium in it, you will see an animation not only of how the reaction goes but how the molecules of the two substances interact to produce the final result of the chemical reaction. In general, the way experiments are conducted is very simple and reminds of actual lab work. The program also includes an assistant which notifies of all...
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