Blue Smokey Eyes Tutorial - Holiday Makeup

Blue Smokey Eyes Tutorial - Holiday Makeup

Holiday makeup blue smokey eyes tutorial with step by step instructions with photos and pictures. Here's magical makeup look with step by step instructions on how to get it! Shimmery shades of blue and silver give eyes maximum shine and make them pop!  

First prepare your face with moisturizer and apply a high coverage foundation to even out the skin, then set it with powder for a matte finish. You will need a turquoise eyeshadow that you'll apply to the mobile lid up to the crease; then take an electric blue shadow and pack it into the crease; with a thin brush apply the same eyeshadow to the lower lash line, or you can use electric blue eyeliner pencil. Carefully blend colors together. 

Take a shimmery silver shadow and apply it onto the middle of the upper lid and to the inner corner of the eyes.   To brighten and open up the eyes, mark the waterline with a white or silver eyeliner pencil. Curl lashes and finish eye makeup with...
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