How to use Inspiration Database

How to use Inspiration Database

After the start of the Inspiration Database, the most natural thing for me was to write a tutorial explaining to the people coming here for the first time, how to use this powerful tool.

Now, to everyone that already read the great book "The Principles of Beautiful Web Design" the idea for this site will be familiar. Creating a morgue file for your projects and gathering inspiration from other sites, is an important step that allows you to keep your style up to date (and hopefully stop you from using those web 2.0 reflections so often). But enough talking let's get to business. 

1. Testing your skills

First of all, Inspiration Database don't accept everything. We will put on the stage only the nice sites that we think can give a good example. Then, the users can rate your design,.. and you can see how they like it. And last, but not least, you can receive comments on your entry, so you will get feedback from real professionals and not as usual, your...
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